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I’m so excited to announce that Beaks & Geeks, the new Penguin podcast, has launched! I live and breathe podcasts, so I feel so lucky to do one for work. Lindsay and I are co-hosts, and we’ve been busy interviewing some of your favorite authors.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and who you’d like to be a guest on the show! Tweet us: @penguinusa with the hashtag #beaksandgeeks

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Most Dangerous Book

It’s been a very James Joycean work-week for me! Monday was Bloomsday, and I was lucky enough to interview author Kevin Birmingham – his new book is about the writing and publication of Ulysses. We had a great conversation about obscenity laws, literary piracy, and modernism. Today, Ulysses is considered classic literature, but its journey to publication was full of scandal and controversy. Luckily, some early champions of Joyce recognized the greatness of the novel. Birmingham said,

“For them it was powerful and it was dangerous and it was important and it was rebellious and that’s the sort of Ulysses that I want to recover in this book”

Listen to my interview with Kevin Birmingham, author of The Most Dangerous Book:



That same day, Symphony Space celebrated its 33rd annual Bloomsday on Broadway event, and the centennial anniversary of The Dubliners!

The event was a mix of musical performance and readings, featuring Cynthia Nixon, Malachy McCourt, Kelli O’Hara, Colum McCann.

Everyone was wonderful, but I especially enjoyed hearing “The Dead” read aloud- I’m planning on revisiting that story soon. Is there any great piece of literature you’ve been meaning to pick up again?



symphony space

Pictured above is the special anniversary edition of the book – I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous cover art.

Colum McCann wrote the introduction and is pictured here with Belinda McKeon at the event (photo credit: Symphony Space).

So glad I got a chance to see these talented readers and writers celebrating James Joyce’s life and work.

Have a great weekend, readers!


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