Erin Galloway is an Associate Director of Publicity and Marketing for Berkley/NAL.  Erin is a self-proclaimed romanceaholic who is lucky enough to make a living falling in love with great books and telling other people why they should love them too.






Shield of Winter, by Nalini Singh

Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh

Everyone is fascinated by the Arrows in Nalini’s Psy-Changeling series, including me, her publicist!  I loved going “behind the curtain” and learning more about the Psy and this particular type of psychic talent.  The men and women who are Arrows may not have emotions, but they have an unshakable core of honor and loyalty that makes them so much more than just a military force.  I was captivated by the characters Nalini created and incredibly moved by seeing one of them truly understand what it is to love for the first time.




Air Bound, by Christine Feehan

Air Bound by Christine Feehan

Christine has always had a way with writing families.  This series is magical not just because the heroines and their heroes each have magical abilities, but because of the love, friendship, loyalty and humor that she is able to weave into their relationships.  I come away from each book feeling like I have made new friends.  And I am always eager to return to the mystical town of Sea Haven in the next installment.





Fall From India Place, by  Samantha Young

Fall from India Place by Samantha Young

Samantha Young is known for her emotional and sexy romances and she delivered on every level in this beautiful story of love rediscovered.  Hannah Nichols fell in love with bad boy Marco D’Alessandro as a teenager, but he broke her heart.  Seeing Marco return as an emotionally mature, confident and sexy adult is breathtaking.  He truly woos Hannah as every woman wants to be wooed, proving to her that he wants to build a future with her and that together they can face any obstacle, including the pain of their shared past.




Devil’s Game, by Joanna Wylde

Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde

Think Romeo and Juliet with about fifty times the sex appeal!  Em, daughter of a Reaper’s MC president, falls for Liam “Hunter” Blake, a high-ranking member of the Devil’s Jacks, a rival motorcycle club.  Liam and Em know they should stay away from each other and their attraction has already put both of them in danger, yet somehow they can’t walk away.  But is either willing to put their loyalty to each other above loyalty to their club?  Gritty, action-packed, emotionally-charged and flat-out sexy, this book will take you on a roller coaster!




I Want to Hold Your Hand Green Mountain Book Two, by Marie Force

I Want to Hold Your Hand by Marie Force

I fell in love with this series from the moment I realized there was a town moose!  Marie has created a cast of characters I know, love and root for.  Seeing young widow Hannah slowly open herself back up to love again after the devastating loss of her husband was poignant, romantic and so satisfying.  Plus, the men in Hannah’s family are a total hoot!





The Accidental Duchess, by Madeline Hunter

The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter

I love a rich, passionate and intelligent historical romance and I know I can always count on Madeline for a satisfying story.  I also love a lady who isn’t afraid to write a bawdy tale.  Unfortunately, Lady Lydia Alfreton finds herself blackmailed as a result of the manuscript she wrote.  And who doesn’t love watching a proper duke fall in love with the woman he once disapproved of.





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