drawing_your_lifeDo you think drawing is something that only other people do? Does the idea of drawing in public scare you? Why not hold a Portrait Party and find out that there’s nothing to be scared of and that everyone can draw?!

In my new book, Drawing Your Life, I hope to encourage you to pick up a pen or pencil and start to draw the everyday and ordinary things around you. The book is full of encouraging prompts to help you make drawing a regular part of your life.

One of my favorite things in the book is the section on holding a Portrait Party. A Portrait Party is a gathering of friends (or strangers!) where everyone draws portraits of everyone else at the party. The only rule — the thing that will help break the ice and show everyone that they can draw –  is that no one should look at their paper whilst they’re drawing!nobbs1

Drawing without looking at your paper is a very freeing experience. And everyone will start to relax because no one can produce the “perfect” drawing.

As I write in my book, “When we first start to draw we have a tendency to draw what we think we see, rather than what we’re actually looking at. We also often worry about what our drawing looks like and that can make us too nervous to actually put pen to paper.”

Over the next twelve months I’m planning to hold Portrait Parties around the UK, North America and hopefully further afield. If you would like to help me organize one near you, contact me via my website (address below).


Michael Nobbs is an artist, blogger and tea drinker  — not necessarily in that order. In the late 1990s michaelnobbshe was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now blogs and tweets about drawing, keeping things simple, and maintaining a creative career despite limited energy. His book, Drawing Your Life: Learn to See Record and Appreciate Life’s Small Joys has just been published by Perigee/Penguin. Check out his website at: http://www.sustainablycreative.com.

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