city_lostI like crossing genres.  Lovecraftian westerns.  Sci-fi detective stories.  Primate interpretive line-dancing romance.

Okay, I made that last one up.  Honestly, it hurt just to think of, so I can’t imagine what it did to your brain.

One of my favorites is mixing crime and horror.  I think they work pretty well together, like chocolate in your peanut butter.  No matter how you sping it both genres are pretty bleak.  Think about it, even a cozy mystery is pretty dark.  I mean, there’s a dead guy in there somewhere.  And if you make it noir, well, now you’re really bleak.

There are no happy endings in noir or horror.  You got yourself a double whammy there.

When I wrote City of the Lost, I wanted the protagonist, Joe Sunday, to really have his life spiral out of control.  He’s a guy who isn’t big on fear.  He’s a thug who collects money, beats people up, kills them if needed.  He’s usually the baddest bad-ass in the room.  Not a lot spins him.

So I killed him and brought him back as a zombie.  Figured you don’t get much more screwed than being the living dead.

It’s a noir tale with a darker twist.  He’s used to dealing with bad people, but this just cranks it up to eleven.  He knows how to deal with corrupt cops and guys trying to kill him, but demons, magic and the undead are an entirely different thing.

Throw them all together and you get a pretty fun mix.