Dear America,

Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990It strikes me as somewhat ironic that a book written chiefly for an audience of captive rodents should now reach the Land of the Free. I wish my publishers the best of luck, however, and can only hope that the simple arc of a common hamster’s life, clearly drawn and plainly told, still holds at least some universal appeal.

Although I spent many months in terrible captivity, fending off despair and tedium with only the meager resources of my own mind, the fates eventually smiled upon me. The rest is history, and my legacy now bears little connection to the tiny world from whence it emerged. Yet the knowledge that mine is an unlikely tale, that most other hamsters still struggle vainly under the yoke of oppression, weighs heavy on my conscience. So I dedicate this edition to them, in the meek hope that one day they too can achieve the dream of cageless freedom that so few accomplish, yet so many deserve.

I am yours sincerely,

Edward the Hamster

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