cat_christmasGeorge and I haven’t had much luck with holidays. The first time we went abroad was when George wanted to see the fish on the coral reef in Egypt, and that was when our beloved cat Ben disappeared. We thought we’d never go away again.

Ben was reunited with George that Christmas Eve, and I will never forget that evening as long as I live. I sat back, watching the two of them together, Christmas carols playing, tinsel, baubles and lights all over the floor. Ben sat pulling on everything George tried to hang on the tree. Of course, Ben was clearly helping in George’s eyes. It was my two boys decorating the tree.

We had no presents for under the tree or Christmas food shopping in the house and fish fingers was all we had on the menu that evening. It’s all we had in the freezer, as George didn’t want me to shop while Ben was missing. Our lives stopped! It almost felt like a luxury having fish fingers for dinner. Just to sit and hear the two-way conversation between George and Ben about what tomorrow would bring was amazing, seeing as George had been silent for the past three months.

While Ben sat on the table eating his fish fingers alongside George, it was like the whole experience had been a bad dream and the moment hit me when I felt what it was like to win the lottery. We never slept that night — George was busy wrapping last year’s presents up for himself and Ben to reopen again. George was over the moon. He told me how happy he was. He knew what was under the paper and surprises just worried him. I will never forget that Christmas, when George told me for the first time that he had everything he has ever wanted.

A Merry Christmas, a kiss and a smile is all a mum could ever dream of.

I would like to wish all you readers a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year!