trueThe number one question I get asked in interviews these days is “What is New Adult romance?”

The short answer is that it’s a romance that features a heroine between the ages of 18 and 25.

The long answer is that it fulfills not only the age gap between YA and adult romance, but it delves into the pivotal life choices that females make at this age without the presence of parents, and with friends and romantic relationships as the strongest influence.  It’s a time of great freedom and exposure to new people, but it always means new responsibilities and messy mistakes.  Wince-worthy mistakes.  Hey, they don’t call them beer goggles for no reason.

Personally, I find the intensity and the passion of that age awesome and fascinating.  I remember staying up all night at Denny’s talking about how we were going to change the world and attending protests against human trafficking and rallies for Green Peace.  I also remember choosing to go out for Backbeat Night at the club instead of studying for an exam and totally sleeping right through it the next morning.  Which would fall under the category of Poor Choice.  But the friends I made in college are still some of my best friends and I think I matured more in two years than in the previous six before that.

So I enjoyed revisiting those years in writing True, my first New Adult novel.  Rory is the silent observer at college, a pre-med student, the sidekick to her more vivacious roommates.  When they introduce her to Tyler, a charming bad boy with tattoos and a dysfunctional family, she finds his interest puzzling, but is willing to ignore the red flags in order to experience her first sexual experiences.  What she doesn’t expect to do is fall in love with him.  Tyler doesn’t either, and he realizes that he has made a huge mistake in involving Rory in his life, which includes a drug addicted mother and a father in prison.  Will logic win out over love?

I hope readers will have fun (and maybe cry) reading True and if you bump into my mother, let’s not mention to her that I skipped class because I was hungover, ‘kay?  Thanks. :)