In my Serendipity series, I’ve done three very different heroes. Ethan, the bad boy; Nash, the “too perfect” hero; and Dare, the protector. I love them each in their own way – kinda sounds like my kids, right?

As a reader, I’ve always loved the bad boy hero.  The Alpha, take charge, guy, but lately there’s a new hero in town who’s caught my eye – The Protector.  Who wouldn’t love a man who steps up and takes care of a woman in need?  He’s Alpha in the way that he insists on caring for her and yet in that tender caring, he has some Beta tendencies that melt even the most protected heart.

To me, Ethan Barron in Serendipity was the Alpha bad boy.  He rode out of town on a motorcycle and roared back in the same way.  Even though he’d reformed, had done well, made millions, to look at him, he’s still the badass women love.

Nash Barron was a whole other kettle of fish in Destiny.  Nash thinks he knows best, he views the world in black and white, and his way is the only way.  He’s the kind of hero who falls hardest – but before he can give his heart completely, he needs to discover who he really is.  He needs to learn some humility and admit he’s not always right.  Tough, huh?  But with the right woman, he’s putty in her hands.

But then there’s my new hero – The Protector – Dare Barron in Karma is a cop with morals formed by a horrible experience in his youth.  A lapse in judgment, inaction on his part that he’s been trying to make up for ever since.  Then he gets to know Liza, a woman he’s always been attracted to but always steered clear of because she reminds him of that past.  But she needs him, even if she doesn’t know it.  He does.

Liza is a woman who has never had anyone who had her back. Her family isn’t worth much to her emotionally and yet she is the glue, the strong one, the one who pulls her alcoholic brother back from the brink, time and time again. Enabling or loving? That’s something she needs to come to terms with. But when Dare enters her life, suddenly she is faced with someone who is there for her. Who takes care of her. And she doesn’t know what to make of that.

It’s sad and sweet at the same time. I think Liza and Dare ultimately heal each other. But it’s Dare’s protective nature even as he is fighting his past and his demons, that makes him so attractive and compelling.  Once he turns that protective stuff her way, I’m a goner.

How about you? What kind of hero are you most attracted to? The hot, take charge Alpha? The guy who needs fixing himself? The protector? Or one I haven’t mentioned?