photo 2May 17th 2014, Brooklyn, NY: It was my first time in Cobble Hill. BookCourt stood out on Court Street with its welcoming window arrangement. Toward the back of the store sat an audience of approximately 30 fans, who quietly, but curiously awaited the hilarious Adam Resnick, and the incomparable Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk made his way up to the podium where he excitedly announced his good friend and author of the newly published, WILL NOT ATTEND: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation. This fun interaction was only a prequel to the wonderful chemistry these two would bring to a cozy bookstore in Brooklyn on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Adam Resnick is an Emmy-award winning comedy writer best known for his work on Late Night with David Letterman and movies like Death to Smoochy and Cabin Boy. Most know Bob Odenkirk as the quick wit criminal lawyer Saul Goodman on the renowned series, Breaking Bad. A major catch phrase from the show, “Better Call Saul” came to be the title for Odenkirk’s upcoming spin-off show, which is currently being filmed. Both comedians gave us a little insight into how they know each other. Writers on SNL and Get a Life, these two reminisced their skits and memories while working together. Adam Resnick is known for avoiding social gatherings and keeping to himself, hence, the title. He discusses this behavior often with the audience, explaining his distaste for human interaction. Odenkirk then asked Resnick why he wrote the book about his personal life, rather his career, to which Resnick responded that he really has “no interest in writing about [his] career life.” He went on to say, “I wanted to give people a glimpse as to why I’m out of my mind.”

photo 1“You really are out of your [censored] mind,” Odenkirk confirmed. The room exploded with laughter.

Bob and Adam took turns reading their favorite passages from the book. We were stunned by the intricate word play, which translates brilliantly when read aloud. One scene in particular that stood out was when Adam calls his parents, who somehow both smother and ignore him, with unimaginable frustration. Adam’s commentary broke Bob’s composure, and he cracked up amidst the roaring of the audience. This nonfiction piece has the spirit of a novel, one of anti-social confrontations and cynical musings, that are simply too funny to be true. Adam writes in the utmost self-deprecating fashion but prevails as an eloquent, sarcastic mastermind.

When Bob asked Adam about his favorite writers and biggest influences, Resnick was keen to say that Letterman was his biggest influence. On writing, he said, “I wanted to write something that didn’t turn into another product. This feels like the thing I should have been doing all along. If I could make my career writing books, I would.”

Read an Excerpt from Adam Resnick’s Will Not Attend, available in stores now!


— Lindsay Jacobsen, Senior Online Content Coordinator

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